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Getting Started with Your AntKit AntHome

Unpacking Your AntHome:

  • Carefully unpack the AntHome and lay out all components on a clean, flat surface.

Setting Up:

  • Ensure Shutter ‘A’ is fitted allowing ants to transition from the test tube to the built-in arena.
  • Fill the water feeder and place it in the AntHome arena.
  • Fit the 2-part lid. For additional escape protection, coat the outer part with SlippyAF.
  • Remove the cotton wool from the test tube end and connect it to the adapter at the base of the AntHome.

Shutter Functions:

  • Shutter ‘A’: Enables ant movement between test tube and built-in arena.
  • Shutter ‘B’: Allows access to an external area.
  • Shutter ‘C’: Permits an external colony to use the arena, but not the test tube.

Replacing an Empty Test Tube:

When water is low, prepare a new test tube by half-filling it with water, then pushing a cotton wool plug down. Remove the old tube and place it at the top area, then position the new one on the adapter in the nest bottom. Ants will self-relocate to the new tube.

Observing and Feeding Your Ants:

  • Observe your ants and feed them in the arena as necessary. Ensure to remove any spoiled food regularly to maintain a clean environment.

For more information, refer to the product page: AntKit AntHome.

Applying SlippyAF™ for Ant Escape Prevention

Application Instructions:

  • If using the brush pen, create a 2cm barrier around the top inside edges of your arena. Reapply every few weeks.
  • In 2 part lids, coat the underside of the outer part for additional escape prevention.
  • If using a bottle, apply with a fingertip, brush or sponge. A little goes a long way, so avoid dribbling and clean off excess with a paper towel.
  • On larger arenas such as the 4000 and 8000, use SlippyAF™ in the ‘moat’ section of the lid by pouring it in to create an impassable barrier.

For more product details, visit: SlippyAF™.