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Polyrhachis dives


Polyrhachis dives are weaver ants, but unlike Oecophylla spec. they build nests on the ground in substrates. Polyrhachis dives are not suited to keeping in acrylic nests or Ytong nests. Ideally, they require a large glass basin in which the ants should have access to a substrate such as wood shavings and an area to weave a nest. The location of the nest can be manipulated by using a heat mat as the ants will prefer to nest in warmer spots. This species can consume a large amount of protein which is necessary for the development of the larvae to be able to weave their nest. 

Description of Queen:12mm Long, black with golden shiny gaster

Description of Workers:6-8mm Long, black with golden shiny gaster

Rearing Difficulty (1=Beginner, 5=Expert): 3 (Requires control of temperature alongside a suitable substrate for weaving to occur, can spray formic acid)
Temperature: 27-30C in the arena and nest with an overnight arena temperature of 24-27C

Humidity: 50-80%
Feeding: Sugar-water, Insect protein
Feeding Note:åÊThese are aggressive ants which require a high level of protein to allow the larvae to develop and to produce silk, with which the ants weave their nest.

Nest Suitability: Glass / Soil

Minimum Tube / Connector Diameter: 9mm

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