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Pheidole noda


Pheidole nodaåÊhas two different sizes of workers the normal minor worker ants and a very impressive sized solider ants with large heads. åÊThey are quite an aggressive ant and work on numbers in over powering their food. åÊThey are distributed through Southeast Asia, from Japan, Vietnam, Java, India and Sri Lanka. åÊThe nest area foråÊPheidole nodaåÊshould be fairly humid and this also goes for the Arena area too. åÊThis species of ant can be kept at a good room temperature, however an additional heat spot is highly recommended. åÊThis species can have more than one Queen per colony. åÊUnusually for this Genus, thisåÊPheidoleåÊonly produces a few 1000 workers in the wild. A well established Queen and colony can number up to 3000 worker ants.

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