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Myrmica rubra


Myrmica rubra (European fire ant) are mainly a lovely Red-Orange in colour with a slightly darker colouring on the head.  They are distributed throughout Europe and also in some parts of North America and Asia.  Myrmica rubra are amongst the most popular of beginner species. They are a very active and aggressive species, often attacking rather than running away. Large colonies are very defensive and have also been known to sting.  The sting is very similar to coming in contact with a stinging nettle plant. These are a moisture loving species and prefer an area of their nest to be damp  In nature the Myrmica rubra can have more than one Queen (polygyny) sometimes numbering in the 10's or more. Myrmica rubra Queens are semiclaustral (The Queen goes in search for food). A well establish colony can number up to 10,000 workers.

Description of Queen: 5-7mm long

Description of Workers: 4-6mm long

Food requirements: Protein (dead insects), Flies, Crickets, Cockroaches and Glucose supplements, Sugar-water, honey-water.

Humidity: 50-60%

Temperature: 18-27_C

Hibernation Required:Yes, from October-March (5-8C).

Life span of Queen: 15 years 


Queen Ant (and workers if specified) will be included in a test tube with water supply.

Please see our other items for suitable formicaria to grow your colony.



All domestic species are shipped via 1st Class Recorded (UK) or International Tracked and Signed (worldwide). Ants will be shipped Monday to Wednesday only to preventåÊthemåÊbeing delayed over a weekend.åÊ

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