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Lasius flavus - AntKit

Lasius flavus


Lasius flavusåÊ(Yellow Meadow Ant) are an excellent beginner species of ant. They are a beautiful yellow colour and are easy to keep, colonies grow fast and can be kept at room temperature.


Description of Queen:åÊ6-8mm Long,åÊBlack / Dark Brown with yellow underside

Description of Workers:åÊ2-4mm Long,åÊYellow

Food requirements:åÊHoney water & Protein (dead insects)

Humidity:åÊ30% ‰ÛÒ 50% RH

Temperature:åÊ16 ‰ÛÒ 30åÊdegrees C

Hibernation Required:åÊYes. Hibernate between October/November to March/April below 10 degrees (but always above freezing)

Life span of Queen:åÊ10 years P


7 days

All domestic species are shipped via 1st Class Recorded (UK) or International Tracked and Signed (worldwide). Ants will be shipped Monday to Wednesday only to preventåÊthemåÊbeing delayed over a weekend.åÊ

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