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Formica (Raptiformica) sanguinea - AntKit

Formica (Raptiformica) sanguinea


Formica sanguinea are a species found throughout Europe. åÊThis is a blood-red-brown ant with a black abdomen and head. åÊThis species ofåÊFormicaåÊåÊisåÊvery fascinating for their 'robbery of slaves'. During the summer months, they attack otheråÊFormicaåÊspecies, most commonlyåÊFormica fuscaåÊfor their larva and cocoons,. åÊHowever thisåÊFormicaåÊcan live without any slaveåÊants and can move very fast.åÊ

Most colonies are monogynousåÊmeaning they have only one queen.åÊVery large colonies in the wild can be polygyne.åÊåÊNests can become large, a large established colony can have up to 10000 workers or more. åÊ

The Queen can live up to 20 years.




Description of Queen:åÊ 8-10mm

Description of Workers:åÊ6-9mm

Rearing Difficulty (1=Beginner, 5=Expert):åÊ1 Easy.

Temperature:åÊ20-26å¡C Room temperature isåÊsufficient.åÊ


Hibernation Required:åÊYes, October to late March.


Feeding::åÊInsects, honey water

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