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Crematogaster rogenhoferi - AntKit

Crematogaster rogenhoferi


Crematogaster rogenhoferi come from South-East Asia and are recognised by their brown colour and pointed gaster, a feature of all Crematogaster species. They are a small species with interesting behaviours. The worker ants stretch their gasters in the air and can spray formic acid. They reproduce rapidly, given the correct conditions and can number up to around 10,000 ants. Crematogaster rogenhoferi naturally live in a tropical environment therefore a natural arboreal nest is very suited to this species. They can be found nesting in hollow branches and bamboo.

Description of Queen:åÊ10mm Brown to Light brown body, Brown gaster

Description of Workers:åÊ3-4mm Brown to Light Brown

Rearing Difficulty (1=Beginner, 5=Expert): åÊ2åÊ(Requires control of temperature, suitable escape prevention required)

Temperature:åÊ21-28å¡C in the arena and nest


Feeding:åÊInsects, sugar water, honey water,

Hibernation Required:åÊNo

Feeding Note:åÊConsume almost any form of protein.

Nest Suitability:åÊYtong / Glass / Soil / Cork / Paper / Arboreal nest /

Minimum Tube / Connector Diameter:åÊ9mm

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