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Camponotus turkestanus (Black/Gold) - AntKit

Camponotus turkestanus (Black/Gold)


Camponotus turkestanus is an Asian ant species which features beautiful, bright golden yellow colouration on the Queen and Workers. With most Camponotus species, they are an easy to keep species but require a heat source to mimic their natural environment. Not often seen on sale so are relatively rare. Each colony is varied in colour so sometimes workers may have slight black colouration on their bodies but workers from another colony may be completely golden yellow.

Description of Queen:12-15mm Long, black head and thorax with golden yellow legs and gaster

Description of Workers:6-15mm Long,mostly golden yellow bodies, majors have black heads, high colour variation in each colony

Rearing Difficulty (1=Beginner, 5=Expert): 2 (Requires control of temperature)
Temperature:24-28C in the arena and nest with an overnight arena temperature of~22-26C
Feeding:Insects, honey water,
Feeding Note:Accepts nearly all forms of protein such as insects and is a very easy species to keep.

Nest Suitability: Glass / Soil / Ytong / Acrylic

Minimum Tube / Connector Diameter: 9mm

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