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Camponotus substitutus Dark - AntKit
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Camponotus substitutus Dark


Camponotus substitutus is an American species of ant which is known for the unusual yellow colouring on the Queen and workers. It almost looks as if there are yellow triangles on the Queen gaster. They have beautiful colours, ranging from yellow-black and yellow-brown. This species of Camponotus does not require hibernation due to their warm habitat. These ants do not hesitate to use their Formic acid and are quite aggressive. There are two variations of this species for sale, the Dark variant and the Bright variant.

The nest should have both a dry and moist area. Camponotus substitutus Dark will benefit with a heat spot on the nest section.

In nature the Camponotus substitutus Dark only has one Queen per colony. 

As with most ants belonging to the Camponotus genus, this species is very easy to keep and the colony can grow to as many as 5,000 ants.


Latin Name:  Camponotus substitutus

English Name: 

Rearing Difficulty: (1=Beginner, 5=Expert): 2 Will appreciate a small heater mat.

Temperature: Arena,  21-30°C 

                        Nest, 24-28°C

Hibernation: No.

Humidity: Arena, 30-50%

                  Nest, 50-70%

Diet: Sugar-water, Insect protein, Honey-water, Flies, Crickets, Cockroaches, Fruit

Length/Description: Queen, 14-16mm long, Brown to Dark brown, yellow triangular patterns on Gaster

Length/Description: Workers, 8-14mm long,  Brown to Dark brown, yellow patterns on gaster

Nest Suitability: Ytong / Acrylic / Glass / Soil / Plaster

Minimum Tube/Connector Diameter: 

Colony Size: 1000-5000 workers

Life Span of Queen:

Distribution: South America, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Panama, Suriname, Guyana, Uruguay, French Guiana, Northern Argentina, Guatemala


These ants are not native to the UK and is therefore illegal to release them into the wild. Please contact AntKit if you no longer wish to keep them and we will arrange for them to be collected from you at no cost.

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