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Camponotus Sp. Xiangban - AntKit
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Camponotus Sp. Xiangban


Camponotus Sp. XiangbanåÊare a lovely CamponotusåÊant which is so hairy, they look furry, thus reminiscent of the Meranoplus species. TheyåÊare a beautiful Orange-Red and Black Ant which can move very fast when required.åÊCamponotus Sp. XiangbanåÊare an Asian ant species which do not require hibernation due to their hot habitat. TheåÊColonies in nature often only comprise of 100 to a maximum of 1000 workers. These colonies tend to grow slowly.åÊåÊThey benefit from having a low power heating source, to speed up brood development.åÊ

Description of Queen:åÊ13-15mm Long, Black with some very bright Orange-Red Blotches on the Abdomen and thorax, and covered in quite long White hairs.

Description of Workers:7-13mm Long, half Black and half Bright Orange-Red with quite distinctive hairs on the abdomen

Rearing Difficulty (1=Beginner, 5=Expert): åÊ2 (Requires control of temperature)

Temperature:åÊ23-28å¡C in the arena and nest with an overnight arena temperature of åÊ22-25å¡C

Feeding:åÊInsects, honey water

Feeding Note:åÊConsume almost any form of protein.

Nest Suitability: Ytong / Acrylic / Glass / Soil / Plaster

Minimum Tube / Connector Diameter: 9mm


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