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Camponotus compressus - AntKit

Camponotus compressus


Camponotus compressusåÊis an undemanding and hardy species, which require slightly warmer, drier conditions. åÊSometimes known as the Godzilla ant. It is a large species ofåÊCamponotusåÊfrom Asia that is fast growing and very aggressive, reacting very quickly to any disturbances around their nest. åÊCamponotus compressusåÊappears to have a few different colour variations. åÊThey are distributed over South Asia. When kept at warmer temperatures, the workers will sometimes run around with their abdomens curled upwards. åÊThey will sometimes dig into the substrates which resembles a pet dog digging. åÊThis species only has one Queen per colony. åÊA well established Queen and colony can reach up to 5,000 worker ants.åÊ

Description of Queen:åÊ14-18mm Long, Black with a tinge of Green on the abdomen. åÊ Black with Red headåÊ

Description of Workers:åÊ6-16mm Long,åÊBlack with a tinge of Green on the abdomen . Black with Red head

Rearing Difficulty (1=Beginner, 5=Expert): åÊ2åÊ(Requires control of temperature)

Humidity:åÊ Nest 50-70%, Arena 30-50%

Feeding:åÊInsects, sugar-water, honey,åÊ

Hibernation Required:åÊNo

Nest Suitability:åÊYtong / Acrylic / Glass / Soil / Plaster

Minimum Tube / Connector Diameter:åÊ9mmåÊ

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