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Aphaenogaster japonica - AntKit
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Aphaenogaster japonica

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Aphaenogaster japonica are a species from East-Asia which can be mistaken as Pheidole species due to their similarity. The main difference is that Aphaenogaster japonica Queens and Workers are slightly larger and have longer legs. Aphaenogaster japonica are rarely kept in captivity so there is not much information available.

Description of Queen:åÊ8-10mm Dark Brown body, Light Brown legs

Description of Workers:åÊ4-6mm Dark Brown body, Light Brown legs

Rearing Difficulty (1=Beginner, 5=Expert): åÊ2åÊ(Requires control of temperature)

Temperature:åÊ21-24å¡C in the arena and nest


Feeding:åÊInsects, sugar water, honey water,

Hibernation Required:åÊNo

Feeding Note:åÊConsume almost any form of protein.

Nest Suitability:åÊYtong / Glass / Soil / Acrylic

Minimum Tube / Connector Diameter:åÊ9mm

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