AntKit PS Arena 4500 (Medium Connector)

AntKit PS Arena 4500 (Medium Connector)

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PS Arena 4500

This is our largest arena in the range.
Its perfect to create your own natural outworld. You can use the arena on its own by closing the shutters underneath or you can connect upto a nest.

It's the perfect outworld for your ants. 
It gives you a crystal clear, panoramic view unobscured by edges which also help with escape prevention. 
This arena is perfect for our entire nest range. Should you wish to expand, you can add another arena the same size or larger using tubing or a sawtooth joiner. 
The expansion ports also have shutters to open and close them to control the flow of ants into and out of the arena.
Each arena comes with a sawtooth tubing adapter, be sure to select the correct size to match your nest.

Internal Dimensions in mm

L224 x W160 x H167