AntKit AntHome Plus Bundle

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The AntKit AntHome is the perfect kit for ant keeping.

This kit is suitable for newbies and experienced keepers!
The Queen and workers nest in the test tube as this simulates founding conditions.
Having the test tube in the AntHome allows you to observe them through the red window without exposing them to light, vibrations and other movements of the test tube which will stress the queen.
Feeding is easy in the AntHome just lift the lid and place the food in. You don't need to worry about ants escaping from the test tube as you try to feed them.
They will always have access to fresh water from the test tube, This Kit does also include a water feeder.

Getting set up is so simple. You simple plug the test tube straight in and you are set to go.

The nest includes AntKit's propriety sawtooth receptacle compatible with the entire range of AntKit Sawtooth Connectors with a shutter to open and close expansion port. Use this to expand your nest into other AntKit products or your own DIY solutions. Perfect founding kit for just about any ant species.

The AntHome has a built in red acrylic viewing window and houses a test tube that connects to an integrated arena with clear window and vented clear lid.

Includes two test tubes, expansion locking tool, cotton wool and tweezers,
PLUS... AntKit Sawtooth Nest to tubing connector, water feeder and 2 x Protein Jelly!

Everything you need to get started.