Kit Contents:

This starter kit contains an acrylic nest, [Eden Edition] arena and feeding station so that you can raise an ant colony from a mated queen and a few workers. The size 2 nest and 10cm arena are easily expanded and can hold up to 200 ants or more depending on their size.

AntKit Acrylic Nest (Size 2) with Red Acrylic Cover
AntKit Acrylic Arena (10cm) [Eden Edition]
AntKit Passthrough Feeding Station
AntKit Sawtooth Connector (6mm Medium) x 2
Nest Hydration Bottle

AntKit are pleased to present our Acrylic Arena - Eden Edition!

These arenas are designed and hand decorated by the fabulous Eden Formicaria. Each arena is unique so will vary from the pictures.

The AntKit Acrylic Arena allows you to create a crystal clear outworld for your ants.

This arena is perfect for our entire nest range. Should you wish to expand, just add another arena the same size or larger using tubing or a sawtooth joiner.

This area is fitted with a vented lid and removable vent cover to help control humidity.

The expansion ports also have shutters to open and close them to control the flow of ants into and out of the arena.

Each arena comes with a sawtooth tubing adapter, be sure to select the correct size to match your nest.

Introducing the new AntKit Acrylic Nest Series 3

The Size 2 nest is ideal for a colony up to 100 adult workers. It contains 2 chambers which are 4cm x 2cm in size. This is a perfect nest for a young colony.

Our latest range of acrylic horizontal ant nests provide maximum nesting capacity in the smallest of space with the added benefits of a crystal clear view of your entire colony - great for taking photos!

These nests come in a range of sizes and capacities to suit many ant species and budgets.

Our nest expansions system uses our easy to use 'sawtooth' connectors which allow you to expand the capacity of your nest without the need for any tubing.

A range of sawtooth connectors for various functions including queen excluders and outworld connectors will be available soon.

Each nest has a humidity chamber which provides a humidity gradient throughout the nest. On this nest the humidity chambers can be removed.

Every nest includes a red acrylic nest cover, a short length of the appropriate sized tubing and a pipette for hydrating the nest.


Just add ants!