Getting started!

I want to get into ant keeping, what do I need?
The easiest way to get into the wonderful hobby of ant keeping is to purchase a starter kit which includes everything you need to successfully begin a colony.

Alternatively, here is a list of common things ant keepers use:
Test tubes
Cotton wool
Sugar water/honey water
Arenas (foraging areas)
Feeder insects
Hydration syringes

Where do I get a queen?
You can either capture your own queen during the 'nuptial flight" or you can order yourself a free queen on our website.

What do I do when I receive my queen?
When you have your queen you need to put her in a test tube set up if she isn’t already. Once she is in this set up you must place her in the dark with no disturbances. The cotton and water will enable your queen to have fresh water. If you have a claustral Queen you do not need to do anything until her first workers arrive.

How long do I keep my queen in the test tube before moving her into a nest?
It depends on how large your nest is. However, we recommend leaving your ants in the test tube for as long as possible. Please refer to the descriptions of the nests for the capacity of each size.

How long before the colony is established?
This would depend on several factors such as Species, Diet, heat.
Generally ant keeping takes a lot of patience and is a slow hobby. The first workers known as ‘nanitics’, usually arrive several weeks after a queen is caught and it can take several months to a year to get a good amount of workers.