About us

AntKit is a family run business and all of our products are designed and produced in house so we could guarantee every one is made with love and care.


AntKit has always been ahead of the game when it comes to formicaria design - We are industry leaders with innovative ideas always bringing something new to the industry.

We pride ourselves in being original and coming up with new products are that like nothing before.

During 2020 we experienced rapid growth and expanded into three new premises, however due to Covid-19, it became apparent that growing our workforce would not be possible and as a result there were constant stock shortages on our website and we could not reach all of our previous sales channels. In February we made the decision to close all ecommerce and mass production activities indefinitely.

We are currently producing one-off and small batches for private commissions with the hope that post-Covid we can find a suitable manufacturer and distributor for our commercial products in the future.