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Introducing the new AntKit Acrylic Nest Series 3 

The Size 8 nest is ideal for a colony up to several hundred adult workers. It contains 8 chambers which are 4cm x 2cm in size.

Our latest range of acrylic horizontal ant nests provide maximum nesting capacity in the smallest of space with the added benefits of a crystal clear view of your entire colony - great for taking photos!

These nests come in a range of sizes and capacities to suit many ant species and budgets.

Our nest expansions system uses our easy to use 'sawtooth' connectors which allow you to expand the capacity of your nest without the need for any tubing.

A range of sawtooth connectors for various functions including queen excluders and outworld connectors will be available soon.

Each nest has two humidity chambers which provides a humidity gradient throughout the nest. On this nest the humidity chambers can be removed.

Every nest includes a red acrylic nest cover, a short length of the appropriate sized tubing and a pipette for hydrating the nest.

Our nests are available in a range of connector size options. In most cases you would want the 9mm connector which is the medium size.

Use the table below to help determine the connector size you require. Use the length of the queen as the size guide.

Ant Size (Length) Connector Size Chamber Depth Size Code Notes
Very Small (1-5mm) 6mm 3mm S Ideal for Pheidole pallidula and Temnothorax sp. Extra care should be taken with very small species to prevent escapes. Please contact us if you have a very small species in mind so that we can check suitability.
Small / Medium (5-16mm) 9mm 6mm M This is suitable for most species such as Lasius niger, Messor barbarus and smaller Camponotus species.
Large (15-20mm) 13mm 9mm L This is suitable for most Camponotus species.
Very Large (20-25mm) 13mm 12mm / 15mm LP / LPP Expert use only.


All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Product Dimensions:10.5cm x 15cm