There's no home like the AntHome!

The AntHome has proven to be a sell-out success. We haven't been able to keep up with demand since it's launch last year.

What makes the AntHome special is the way it directs ant keepers into a more hands-off approach to ant keeping. This leads to much higher success rates and larger colonies.

We had this in mind when designing the next version of the AntHome. We needed to ensure maximum visibility of the colony with minimum disturbance during the founding stages.

We also wanted to make sure the new AntHome was distinctly AntKit. Simplicity by design is what made the original AntHome so popular.

So, today we are pleased to present to you the new AntHome!


The modular design of the new AntHome Platform is the ultimate test tube setup for beginner and pro ant keeper alike.

More details of the new AntHome to follow over the next few days.


  • It looks amazing! Contemplating free ants…

  • Wow that design is just so much sleeker and simpler than the original, I thought you had created the best thing since sliced bread with the original, but this is just an ant-keepers dream for starting up a colony. There is no doubt you people are the best ant-shop out there.

    Samuel Phillpott

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