Pre Order your AntKit AirDen Pro Vertical Nest (Size 2)

Pre Order your AntKit AirDen Pro Vertical Nest (Size 2)

We are very excited to announce the opening of pre-order of our NEW AntKit AirDen Pro Vertical Nest (Size 2).

These will be shipping on 30th October 2020

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The AirDen Pro Vertical Nest (Size 2) is a vertical AAC nest with wide stacked nesting chambers providing a large nesting capacity in a small space.
The chambers may look small, but they are deep and due to the stacking nature the entire space will get utilised by the ants which you cannot get in a horizontal setup. You also get to view you colony from both sides of the nest, we think it looks pretty good from any angle :)

Much like the AntKit AirDen Pro Horizontal (Size 2), this nest has a large water reservoir in the acrylic base under the Ytong. This provides a constant and consistent humidity gradient throughout the nest.

You have a great view to see your colony in this nest and natural shape chambers.

This nest is also part of the AntKit Sawtooth range meaning you can adapt your formicaria as your colony grows.

We have already had great feedback from our customers who purchased the AntKit Airden Pro Horizontal Nest, which is available now.
The following pictures are from one of our customers.

That's three AirDen products launched, there are so many more we can't wait to show you but we are a small team and getting them ready for launch takes time.  We are looking forward to releasing more AirDen products soon :)