Down, but not out!

Following on from yesterday’s announcement, we would just like to thank you all for your kind messages of support, each one means a lot to us.

We will be having a closing down sale later next week to clear remaining stock which we will announce on here and Facebook with more details in due course.

During 2020 we experienced rapid growth and expanded into three new premises, however due to Covid-19, it became apparent that growing our workforce would not be possible and as a result there were constant stock shortages on our website and we could not reach all of our previous sales channels. In February we made the decision to close all ecommerce and mass production activities indefinitely.

This means that we will no longer to able to stock an online store or other online marketplace as we would not be able to keep it stocked long enough.

Instead, we are currently producing one-off and small batches for private commissions with the hope that post-Covid we can find a suitable manufacturer and distributor for our commercial products in the future.

Moving forward we will still be operating our fabrication business producing all kinds of different things not just formicaria and may consider group-buys from the ant-keeping community if enough people are interested.

If this is something you did want to do please get in touch and we can let you know more details.

Thank you all again.