AntKit AirDen - The Return of Ytong

AntKit AirDen - The Return of Ytong

In February 2014 we launched our very first AntKit Ytong Nest. We knew this material was great for ant keeping due to its amazing properties.

Such as its great insulative properties to keep stable temperatures and humidity levels.
Its porous- So you can hydrate the nest. There is good air flow, mould resistance and excellent grip for brood development.

These are just a few of the reasons why we love the material.

We were forced to downsize in 2016 and unfortunately this meant we could no longer produce Ytong nests.

We have since had many great products but we still felt a piece missing in our collection.

So fast-forward to 2020 and we are now happy to announce the release of our first Ytong nests since 2016, our new AntKit AirDen Range.


Over the coming few weeks we will be producing at least 14 different AirDen nests and the first of those which is shipping this Friday is the AntKit AirDen Pro Horizontal Size 2.

The AntKit AirDen Pro Horizontal nest has a large water reservoir in the acrylic base underneath the Ytong, which provides a constant and consistent humidity gradient throughout the nest.

For regular humidity you would fill the reservoir half way- This would just hydrate half of the nest.

For a higher humidity you would fill the water reservoir over 50% to increase humidity to suit species.

Shutters -

The AirDen comes with shutters. These allow the flow of ants in and out your nest when you are ready to expand


Fully insert the shutter into the slot to allow the flow of your ants.



The AntKit AirDen Pro Horizontal has large, deep chambers making it suitable for most species of ants. This layout maximizes capacity while maintaining full view of the entire colony.

They are also externally and internally painted and sealed to reduce evaporation and to strengthen the overall product. They are available in white and red pain finishes.


Each Nest comes with a transparent red acrylic nest cover to darken the nest. A fully opaque blackout cover is available separately.



We are looking forward to revealing more AirDen products to you soon!