10 Years of Ankit

Hello, Antkeepers!

As we usher in a momentous milestone, our 10th year at Antkit, it’s with a mix of emotions that we share some important news with our cherished community. Our store is temporarily closing its doors, but not without a grand plan in place.

A Decade of Dedication

For a decade, we've journeyed together, creating spaces for our tiny friends to thrive and for you to explore the fascinating world of antkeeping. As we hit this ten-year mark, we're pausing to reflect on our journey, the incredible highs, and the undeniable challenges that have shaped us.

Celebrating with Something Extraordinary

To commemorate our anniversary, we're thrilled to announce the creation of a limited edition series of ant farms. These aren't just any ant farms; they're the culmination of a decade’s dreams and aspirations. Some of these designs have been a dream for ten years, and we're finally ready to bring them to life. Alongside these, we'll be unveiling the evolution of prototypes from previous years—products that have been in my vision, waiting for the perfect moment to emerge.

A Year of Challenges

2023 was, without a doubt, our toughest year yet. Faced with financial uncertainties, the heartbreaking loss of an invaluable team member, and a personal family tragedy, it’s been a year that tested our resilience. It’s a year we wish to put behind us as we look forward with hope and determination to the future of Antkit.

Looking Forward

In the spirit of renewal and rebirth, we're taking this time to reflect, recover, and rebuild. This pause is not an end but a new beginning. A chance to bring you something truly unique and special. We're pouring our hearts and souls into this anniversary series, and we cannot wait to share it with you.

Expect the unveiling of our new range at the end of summer. We promise it will be worth the wait.

Till then, we ask for your patience and support. Take care of your colonies and each other. The future of antkeeping is bright, and together, we'll continue to explore it.

Stay tuned, stay inspired, and most importantly, stay safe.

We’re not saying goodbye; we’re just taking a moment to gear up for an exciting future.

Take care, Antkeepers.


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